Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A Date By the Pool

It was a beautiful November evening in Gilbert tonight.  We decided to make it a date by having a cookout by the pool.  The apartment complex where we are living right now has a beautiful pool area with two outdoor grills that we hadn't used since we moved here in April.  We do have our own grill out on the patio, but tonight we chose to grill our hamburgers on the community grills and save our propane.  It was a lovely and relaxing evening - relaxing for Todd because he got to sit in the hot tub (I'm not supposed to, being pregnant) and relaxing for me because I didn't spot any black widow spiders (which seem to be everywhere around our apartment complex - but fortunately they have all been outside).

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Todd said...

As your biggest fan, I always appreciate your proper grammer and punctuation!