Sunday, November 22, 2009

Costumes and birthday parties

So we found a new bench that was exactly what we were looking for. It's black with nailhead trim that I love, it provides extra seating in the family room and it doubles as a toy chest for quick clean-up when we have company. Calvin was delighted when we brought it home and he had a brand new chew toy! Fortunately he is able to understand the word "no" now and doesn't chew on it anymore, but he loves to use it to practice standing.

All bundled up for the first cold spell! (A high of only 68...brrrr).

Guess what Calvin was for Halloween this year, all you Mr. Lobster fans! (The best part was that after we decided NOT to spend $30 on the lobster costume we saw in a catalog, we found the same exact costume at a garage sale for $1, as well as an armful of other baby clothes for $1-$3. Thanks again for the referral, Erin!)

Calvin attended a birthday party for the first time for his cousin Bailey who turned one! It was a beautiful day in the park for a birthday party.

We like the way this hat shows off Calvin's baby mullet look. Very trendy. :)

The giant cupcake for the birthday girl! Bailey was so polite, she didn't even make a mess with the icing for her mommy to clean up.

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