Thursday, November 11, 2010


Calvin and I tagged along on Todd's first business trip to visit Sikorsky in Stratford, Connecticut, in September. Todd had to work some long days while we were there, but we did get to go out to eat at some amazing New York-style pizza places most nights! During the days, Calvin and I drove around and found a few parks we had all to ourselves, much unlike the parks in Gilbert that are teeming with toddlers and mommies this time of year!

I was hoping to see some of the East Coast autumn colors I miss, but we were a few weeks early for that. I did spot a few colorful leaves though!
Sticks in hand, as always...
No, he does not have static electricity in his hair; it just grows like that!
This park was built around a homestead from the 1600's!
According to their website, they are a popular place for weddings. I can see why!

This was such a relaxing afternoon. We drove around until Calvin fell asleep in his car seat (look in the rearview mirror), and I got to watch the waves and windsurfers and do some reading while Calvin napped.
Day at the zoo - here is Calvin ignoring the pheasants wandering the grounds while he hunts for sticks and leaves.

Another empty park in a prime location
I thought the seashells might interest him, but of course he only wanted to find sticks...
This was taken right before he fell in the water and we had to hike back to the car to change into his bathing suit!

Looking south toward Long Island

On our way back to JFK airport, we drove around Long Island and did some sightseeing. We saw some of the old mansions on the north shore that inspired The Great Gatsby, and we stopped by President Theodore Roosevelt's home (Sagamore Hill National Historic Site), below. We were hoping to tour it, but unfortunately it was closed because they had no electricity due to some powerful storms the previous night.


Krystal and Brad Cooley said...

Beautiful pictures, Heather! Although, I miss my Yam in them ;)
Glad you had a fun trip! I miss you sweet thang.

Heather said...

Thanks, Krystal! Your Yam was behind the camera the whole time. :) I miss you too!!!