Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A Carefree Day

Calvin went on his first road trip two weeks ago when we were invited on a day trip to the town of Carefree with Calvin's cousin Bailey, Bailey's mom Erin and Aunt Rebecca.  Bailey and Calvin slept the whole way there.  (Don't you just love those cheeks!!  We think Calvin's weigh about a pound each.)  :)

We ate lunch at a restaurant called The Horny Toad, which was a favorite of my Great Aunt Jo's (Bailey's Great-Grandma).  She used to always get the Reuben sandwich, so Rebecca ordered that and Erin and I each had a bite.  I never thought I liked Reubens, but I changed my mind after sampling it.  The French dip and fried zucchini are also delicious, if you ever find yourself at The Horny Toad in Carefree!

There are lots of cute shops in Carefree, so we walked around a few of them but spent most of the rest of our time taking pictures of the kids.  Calvin tried out his sunglasses from Aunt Beth for the first time, but they are still a little big for him.  Bailey loved them though!

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