Sunday, January 17, 2010

Day at the park

"What's so special about this leaf?" Well let me tell you...
It's a beautiful day at the park with our friends Michelle and Alexis. We stop to play in the soft green grass and take some pictures.
Notice the leaves in the grass? I didn't. Not until we get home, Calvin eats a snack, takes a two-hour nap, and I'm changing his diaper and notice him chewing on something. I fish it out of his mouth, and what do you think it is, oh wise blog readers? That's right. Next time I will know to check Calvin's mouth for leaves and other debris before naptime!
Calvin and Alexis on the swings
He loved this so much!

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Barb said...

So MANY happy memories from Little Man's first year!! What a blessing God has given us all in him! Love you guys!!