Sunday, January 17, 2010

Two months later...

Here are some pictures (finally) from our time in Denver with Matt, Heather and our little nephew Matthew!

Little pumpkin
Aunt Heather is the best!

One afternoon Matt and Heather drove us around a beautiful neighborhood that had deer everywhere!
Red Rocks

Matt and Heather's backyard after the first snow

My Aunt Beth was also in town at the beginning of our trip to see her daughter Anna sing in The Messiah at the Air Force Academy. We were so thankful that we were able to go! Anna is a very talented vocalist and it was fun to get to see a little bit of the campus, even though it was at night - with a wind chill that must have been below zero!

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Anonymous said...

We love the pictures! It doesn't seem like it's already been 2 months! We had a wonderful time with you guys! Love and miss you!!!